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Weather Risk Green Initiative

Duration :   6 Months

From : 1 July 2015 to 31 Dec 2015


On Earth Day, WRL commits to plant 10,000 saplings in rural areas for creating tree cover and preventing land degradation. Join us at a center closest to your abode. Please leave your name, city and phone no. We will call to let you know when we will undertake the initiative in an area closest to your home. Your name and photograph will appear at sites like national geograhic & earthday,

If you are interested in joining our initiative, register yourself.

Why Climateers Exists?

This time the Climateer Mail is a tad different and personal.

A friend's daughter asked me last year what we really do as climateers. Like musketeers rescue queens and princesses. Like mountaineers climb peaks. Engineers make things. What do Climateers do?

I was half tempted to answer that well, climateers are a figment of the world's imagination! It was December and cold and I was clueless and didn't quite understand what to tell a 9 year old. At work I made an effort to reflect and find an answer. So here it goes below, a small infographic :) Why Climateers exist? Let me know how you would tell it to a child yourself.

Happy New Year. Stay tuned for more next time on Climateer Mail. And do not forget to write back to me. We need to make sense to our children. Only then our work will make sense for the world.

kind regards,
Sonu Agrawal
Founder / Weather Risk Limited

PS. Every week my team stumbles across amazing stories of individuals and organizations helping us to grapple with climate change in the developing world. Each story is different and inspiring. Some just jaw dropping! I have been sending a brief weekly note to fellow climateers for some time.

If you come across a great story yourself, do let me know. We will feature it for everybody in one of the coming weeks.

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